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Brandon Jordan x Neekz


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One down, three to go.


J.Cole - Forbidden Fruit

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It’s very funny. Matt Fraction’s six-year-old boy Henry Leo, who is the muse for many comic book writers in this city [Portland], has a ferocious imagination and is a super, super kid. He loves the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comics so much, and he loves Venom as a hero only. He can’t even perceive of him as antihero or a villain, because he’s six. So after the Free Comic Book Day Issue, where Tony Stark warns Peter Quill that if anything goes wrong with Venom, here’s something you can do, Henry asks me, “What could go wrong with Venom? What do you mean?”

I started to say, “Well… ” and then Matt made a face at me that said, “Don’t go down this road with him. He’s not ready yet.” So I said, “Well just because he’s one way on Earth doesn’t mean we know what’s going to happen in space.” He said, “Well where’s he going to go in space?” I said, “The planet of the symbiotes.” And he was like, “Ohhh!” I then flat out asked what he thought was on that planet. He just walked away from me in silence. He was lost in thought. He never came back to me, and I flat out was going to steal whatever he came back to me with.


mattfractionblog intimidates brianmichaelbendis into not telling his son about the dangers of symbiotes. wish i could’ve seen fraction’s batman face. (via theamazingindi)

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Your cocaine habit is going to be a problem.